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About Us

About Us

   In 1954 we collected some Douglas Fir cones in the San Isabel forest and some Blue Spruce cones from the Rio Grande forest of Colorado, brought them home, dried them and cleaned the seed, sold some to F.W. Schumacher, Sandwich Mass. and some to Forestry  Associates, Allentown PA.

   Since then we continued to build the tree seed business to where we are today, collecting in Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Wyoming and South Dakota.

   The fall of 2012 my grandson, Kelby Sikes, joined us in the tree seed business, some people have already got acquainted  with him, young blood helps keep the business going and makes the future look brighter. 


8201 I-25 S.

Pueblo, CO 81004


Mon - Sat: 8AM - 4PM
Sun: Closed